BANAC - Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle
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BANAC Contact Page

Contact Information

Brenda Jackson- FNMI system and Health Links Coordinator- Interim Director

64 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit 1405
Barrie, ON L4N 5R7

Phone: 705.734.1818 ext. 235

Fax: 705.734.1812


Currently the day-to-day management duties have been delegated to our Aboriginal Capacity Building Coordinator, Brenda Jackson. Please direct any questions to her at the above e-mail and phone number.

Amanda Maynard, is currently our Finance Administrator as opposed to general BANAC staff. This means that she is no longer in our office 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday; she is only in-office one to two days per week. Please, contact her via e-mail instead of telephone; this is a much more likely method to gain a timely response through.Her email is listed below.

Lauren Pighin is currently our Administrative Assistant. She is availiable for all of your general inquiries and ordering of culture cards. Her email is listed below.

Administrative Assistant: Lauren Pighin Finance Administrator: Amanda Maynard
Phone: 705.734.1818 ext. 221 Phone: 705.734.1818 ext. 228
Email: Email:

2015 / 2016 BANAC Board of Directors

President Lynn Monague-Sauve Biiminaawzogin Regional Aboriginal Women's Circle
Vice-President Clayton King Beausoleil First Nation
Treasurer Kathy St. Amant Georgian Bay Native Women's Association
Secretary Mandy Berard Rama First Nation
Director Cheryl Sutherland Rising SUN Women's Support Group
Director Veronica McLeod S.U.N. Housing Inc.
Director Cathy Showongonabe Orillia Native Women's Group
Director Open Seat N/A

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Contact Number

Email Address

Amanda Maynard Finance Manager (705) 734-1818 ext. 228
April Moreau Biinojinsauk Coordinator (705) 734-1818 ext. 233
Brenda Jackson Executive Director (705) 734-1818 ext. 235
Hector Copegog Traditional Healer (705) 734-1818 ext. 223 heckcop@gmail.caca
Ken Geroux Aging at Home Driver (705) 734-1818 ext. 222
Margaret Bruyns Long-Term Care Liason (705) 734-1818 ext. 232
Laura Forget Family Wellness Worker (705) 734-1818 ext. 266
Pilar Welling Aboriginal Dispute Resolution (705) 734-1818 ext. 267
Lauren Pighin Administrative Assistant (705) 734-1818 ext. 221
Sue Simpson Long Term Liason (705) 734-1818 ext. 222