BANAC - Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle
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BANAC Initiatives

Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle

The goal of the Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle is to bring mainstream and Aboriginal systems together to develop strategies for system improvements.

Aboriginal Health Circle

The Aboriginal Health Circle is a regional health planning body formed to plan and take action toward the greater collective good of Aboriginal health consumers.

Bebminot Family Wellness

The Bebminot Family Wellness program strives to improve the health and well being of the families in our community by working with other agencies and organizations within Simcoe County and the northern York Region.

Biinoojinsauk Child Care Centres

We believe children should be children and should enjoy developing and practicing their skills while socializing and playing with others. Our Centre’s enhance a positive sense of identity and understanding of the Aboriginal Heritage through a culturally based curriculum. Our programming provides for the wholistic nourishment of our children. Their spiritual growth, self-esteem, personal validation and identity will be met at our centre. Our Centre’s recognize the need to deliver culturally and community relevant teaching and develop programs that are family centered and culturally appropriate.

Cultural Awareness Training

The Cultural Awareness Training program is a train-the-trainer course designed to allow participants to gain insight into the history of this land locally and regionally from an Aboriginal perspective.

Long Term Care / Aging-At-Home

The Aboriginal Long Term Care program works with existing agencies to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs of our Aboriginal Elders, alter-abled, and, chronically and terminally ill.