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Elder Involvement

Our programming is intended to address the wholistic development of our children and as such, Elders play a vital role in our programs. Elders may participate in the following areas:

Project Support – Elders provide guidance to the Parent Council, integrate the use of the sacred medicines and provide teachings, as well as provide input into curriculum development.

Program Delivery – Elders and Grandparents are invited attend training for the Nookimis / Mishomis and Mother Goose programs to enhance and implement new skills.

Classroom Involvement – Elders may be asked to facilitate and provide smudges, opening prayers, legends, and teachings. They may be asked to provide guidance where required as well as lead with songs and stories.

Family Wellness Worker

The Bebminot Family Wellness Worker will provide guidance and support to the parent council to address child development, life skills, basic needs, parenting, cultural and traditional teachings.

Click for more information about the Bebminot Family Wellness Program

Programming & Supports

Our child care program will consist of the following components:

Culture and Language, Education, Health Promotion, Nap/Quiet Time, Nutrition, Community and Social Supports, Communication, Parent and Family Involvement, Biinoojinsauk Child Care Centre’s work with various outside resources in the Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal community to offer the best possible support system for children and their families.

Space Capacity & Vacancies


  • 16 Preschool (2 ½ to 5 years)


Please contact the Daycare Supervisor for availability


Our teaching staff is trained in Early Childhood Education, recognized by the College of Early Childhood Educators, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and they follow the standards set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act. Staff is also required to maintain current First Aid/CPR certification, up-to-date immunization and health assessments, and current criminal reference checks in the vulnerable sector.