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Why Biinoojinsauk Menus Are Unique

Our Biinoojinsauk Child Care Centre provides a warm and friendly place for your child to experience new and interesting foods and to eat them with others. The children are provided with opportunities to discover new foods and tastes they may not otherwise have been able to.

Our Goals

  • Provide children with a variety of healthy food choices at an early age.
  • Children will develop healthy eating habits.
  • Reduce the high rate of diabetes within our communities (long term).
  • Reduce the rate of obesity and other health related issues within our communities.
  • Maintain high standards for menu development and selection.
  • Ensure menus are child friendly, nutritionally sound and appealing.
  • Incorporate traditional and organic foods into our menu.

Biinoojinsauk Child Care Staff are developing seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and traditional menus which are also mindful of the high rate of diabetes among our people. We believe our menu plans will significantly impact the incidence of diabetes and other health related diseases for this generation and set the foundation for future generations. It is important that our children develop these healthy eating choices and habits at such a young age in order to affect positive change. Along with our movement toward healthy eating habits we are always very mindful of children’s allergies and continue to develop, and alter if needed, our menus around anaphylactic issues.