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Cross Cultural Awareness Training


Purpose of the Cultural Awareness Training Program

The need for this program arose as a result of the Aboriginal Community Engagement Report. Although there have been many one day cultural sensitivity programs, the communities throughout the region felt we needed to develop a more comprehensive program. It was stated that stereotypical and inappropriate attitudes are still being demonstrated toward Aboriginal people. When these incidents occur, whether intentional or not, they have a negative impact that resonates throughout our community and diminishes confidence and trust.

Training Objectives

This Cultural Awareness Training Program is a train-the-trainer course designed to increase the learners’ skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values of the history, experiences and events which have influenced the relationship of Aboriginal people within Canadian society. The learner will:

  • Engage in activities which relate to historical and contemporary life styles of Aboriginal people.
  • Engage in experiential learning activities to further their understanding of Aboriginal culture and history.
  • Be provided reading materials and lectures to expand their knowledge base of the Original peoples cultures.
  • Explore attitudes and values as they relate to the Original Peoples experiences of historical events.

Learning Outcomes

This four day course is intended to create a learning process that will allow participants to gain insight into the history of this land locally and regionally from an Aboriginal perspective. The scope of this project is not intended to be exhaustive but rather the beginning of a journey where participants will have a knowledge base from which to grow. Upon completion of this four day journey the learner will be able to:

  • Confidently engage with Aboriginal students and or clients through their increased awareness of Aboriginal culture and experiences.
  • Utilize interactive learning processes specifically focused on Aboriginal people in Canada.
  • Identify significant events in Aboriginal relations with Canada.
  • Relate new information to previous knowledge and experiences.
  • Recognize attitudes and values which promote and further awareness and understanding of the role Original People play in contemporary society.

Course Outline & Overview

Module One: In the Beginning

This module focuses on life and life styles prior to contact. Discussions will focus on creation stories, history, and how these have influenced the lifestyles of the Original People.

Module Two: Contact

Many changes have influenced history since contact between North and South American People and Europeans occurred. Discussions will focus on how these events have affected relationships over time.

Module Three: Confusion

More recent history has influenced many of the current events First Nations, Métis, and Inuit People of dealt with in recent generations. The impact of these events continues to be felt in contemporary relationships.

Module Four: Healing of a Nation

This module explores the prophecies of the Original Peoples and how they are unfolding. Discussions will focus on healing and the road to the future.

Contact Us

Registration to attend the BANAC Cultural Awareness Training sessions will be available by contacting the Administration Staff. We require you to give a brief description of how this training will help your organization and how you would be the best fit to take this information and relay it to your coworkers in your organization. You may contact us either by email @ or by phone 705-734-1818.


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