Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle

Making a difference
one community at a time

Priorities & Accomplishments


The Indigenous Health Circle (IHC) serves as the planning voice of the Indigenous community representing the interests of Urban, Rural and First Nations communities in the region.

The IHC is expected to move the health concerns, issues and priorities generated by the Indigenous community to develop a strategy to advance effective health services and culturally safe systems of health delivery for our communities in the Simcoe/Muskoka region.

TOP 5 PRIORITIES (from AHC Visioning Day: March 2017)


From the community meetings, there were consistent messages and themes that were heard.

  • Integrating the Health Care System in NSM LHIN
  • Expanding Indigenous/Métis led Health Care Services
  • Supporting Traditional Healing Practices
  • Increased Involvement in Decision Making

Key Accomplishments in FY 17/18

1) Integrating the Heath Care System in NSM LHIN:

  1. Increased opportunities and participation in Cultural Awareness Training & ICC (on-line) training. There were ____ number of health professionals trained in this past year.
  2. Voluntary Self-Identification Processes underway at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital.
  3. MOU signed between the Regional Cancer Care Program at RVH and the Aboriginal Health Circle which will govern present and future relationship
  4. Active requests from the sub-region planning bodies for Indigenous participation in planning and design
  5. Approval received to plan, and design an Indigenous-specific Opioid Addition Program in NSM region – which will complement and support partnerships and cultural safety in the mainstream Opioid Strategy

2) Expanding First Nation/Metis Led Health Care Services

  1. BANAC selected by the AHC to lead the development of an Indigenous Inter-disciplinary Primary Health Care Team (June 2017). Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin received approval to proceed by MOHLTC (Jan. 2017)
  2. Provision of Palliative Care Services for Homeless and Under-housed Indigenous population in NSM. A service led by BANAC in partnership with St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.
  3. Expansion of community-based health and wellness programs: Infant Mental Health, Peri-Natal Mood Disorder Program, Feather Carriers-Life Promotion Program
  4. Patient Navigators in Place at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital (led by Rama First Nation) and at Georgian Bay General (led by Beausoleil First Nation)
  5. Personal Support Workers expansion into Indigenous homes. A service led by BANAC in partnership with Helping Hands
  6. An Opioid Addiction Counsellor will be available to our communities. This service will be based our of Enaahtig Healing Lodge and is a result of a partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association/Simcoe County Brand.

3)  Supporting and Expanding Traditional Healing Practices

  1. Traditional Healing component is an important part of the new Inter-disciplinary Primary Health Care Team
  2. Application in process with the NSM LHIN to establish base funding for traditional health services
  3. Training sessions continued throughout this year: Sharing knowledge and teachings on The Creation Story.  First Sweat Lodge conducted at WayPoint Mental Health Centre (June 2017)
  4. Feather Carriers-Leadership for Life program expands for multi-year program delivery. Increase staff complement.  Based on traditional teachings to promote life in Indigenous communities.

4)  Increased involvement in Decision-Making

  1. Indigenous participation in the hiring process of the physician leads in all five LHIN sub-regions.
  2. Recognition of the needs of Indigenous communities remain a priority at the NSM LHIN Mental Health and Addictions Project Working Group and the Child and Youth Mental Health Sub-Committee
  3. Indigenous representation on the LHIN Leadership Council.
  4. Participation of the NSM LHIN Indigenous Health Links Coordinator in the Provincial Aboriginal Leads Network
  5. Support of the LHIN to the AHC in decision-making i.e. selection of lead for the Indigenous Primary Health Care Team.