Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle

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Long Term Care & Long Term Care Liaison


Who We Are

The Indigenous Long Term Care Program provides Indigenous Status, Non-Status, M├ętis and Inuit clients living off-reserve with advocacy, information and referrals' to community and Aboriginal service agencies (Services will be pre-determined through an intake process). Through the Aboriginal Long Term Care Program we aim to: enhance the quality of life, encourage independence, promote integration within the community, promote preservation of wisdom and knowledge, and, maintain dignity.

Friendly Visits: In home visits, assisting with shopping needs and other daily living activities.

Security Checks: Checking on the safety and health of isolated elderly clients through regular weekly telephone calls and/or home visits.

You can contact the Coordinator directly at or the Liaison at

How We Can Assist You!

  • We advocate on health and social related issues for you.
  • We promote cultural sensitization for community organizations providing services to Indigenous Clients.
  • We make referrals to appropriate service providers.
  • We network with community organizations to ensure clients have access to all possible services.
  • We identify educational opportunities for clients through workshops, seminars on health and life related issues.
  • We assist clients with access to Non-insured Health Benefits, Ontario Disability Support Program and more.
  • We offer transportation for seniors (+55), Elders, and the chronically ill clientele.