Biinoojinsauk Child Care Centre

Children Are the Future.

The Importance of Culture.

Our child care centre enhance a positive sense of identity and understanding of Indigenous heritage through a culturally based curriculum. We focus on a wholistic nourishment of our children, which includes:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal validation and identity 

We recognize the need to deliver culturally and community relevant teaching and develop programs that are family centered and culturally appropriate.

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Our Philosophy.

Our vision is that our children reach their full potential with the help of their Indigenous community, who view the care of their children as one of the most important responsibilities and share the belief that “Children are the future“.

We believe children should be children and enjoy developing and practicing their skills while socializing and playing with others. They are guided by responsible teachers who offer a nurturing, caring and positive influence in a culturally enriched, friendly environment.

High quality child care is sensitive, responsive, personal, developmentally and culturally appropriate, and not custodial. It also means small group sizes, well trained staff, high adult-to-child ratios, as well as proper health, safety and physical environment precautions.

Our Goals.

Our Funders.

BANAC is a registered nonprofit organization. Our child care centres receive funding through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and the County of Simcoe. The centres are governed by a voluntary board of directors.

Get in touch with us.

Contact the Biinoojinsauk Child Care Centre Worker for enrollment forms or any other inquiries. We are located at 562 King Street Midland, ON L4R 4P3.

You can reach us by phone 705-527-0112 or email at

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